Why You Need To Use the Internet Security Firewall to Protect your PC

Why You Need To Use the Internet Security Firewall to Protect your PC

We are using the internet for long hours these days for various work and entertainment purposes. Be it searching for relevant information on a particular topic or enjoying a movie online, the internet is the go-to option for all of us.

However, this massive growth in internet usage also makes us vulnerable to various kinds of cyber-attacks like hacking, online fraud, and malware attacks. It damages our machines and exposes all our confidential information on the net, along with the demand for ransom that puts us on a sticky wicket.

To protect us from these internet security firewalls is an important thing that we all must know about. It is like an invisible wall that protects our PC from all these corrupted files and keeps the users safe. This article, let us know some reasons how the firewall protects our system from cyber frauds and lets us do our work in a secure environment.
Firewall Prevents Unauthorised Remote Access

If someone takes remote control of your computer without your knowledge, then it is probably the worst thing that can happen to you. Not only the hacker can see all your activities but he also gets control of your financial information like bank account details, debit/credit card numbers, chat history, photos and videos and use these to blackmail and exploit you.

To stop this, you need to configure your firewall and disable the remote desktop access function. It will prevent most hackers from intruding into your system. There are several illegal copies of windows coming that comes with Trojans, keyloggers and backdoors that can affect your machine. So avoid downloading any unnecessary files and always keep your internet security firewall active.

Blocking Prohibited Sites
Millions of websites do not have SSL certifications and have a very high risk associated with it. Generally, most of these will either be tempting with you cash prizes and gifts, explicit contents, friendship, and fake job/business opportunities to catch your attention.

We often see news where people are losing their money by falling to cyberbullies. The firewall prevents all these sites and notifies the user regarding their nature and allows access only when the user permits to continue to the website. This way, you know exactly the kind of websites you are logging in to.

A firewall can help you Meter bandwidth
Apart from your security concerns, a firewall also helps you to limit the network bandwidth flowing in. if you are a business owner, you can always restrict the bandwidth for non-business content like YouTube videos, music, images, gaming and preserve the higher bandwidth for your business-related activities during the peak working hours.

Windows has an inbuilt firewall mechanism that protects your PC once you enable it from your settings. In addition to this, if you install an antivirus on your PC, which is a necessity these days, they will also have a firewall to protect. But both cannot work together. You need to activate any one of those and it will provide good protection.

There are also some free firewalls that you can download like Norton, ZoneAlarm, and TinyWall, etc which are easily available on the internet. The idea is to enhance your security level as much as possible.

As the world is turning digital, we are doing online payments, keeping digital documents and certifications, uploading our personal experiences through write-ups, images, and videos. All these are potential assets for any hacker to blackmail and extract money from any of us leading to massive emotional and financial stress. Even large corporates have often paid ransomware to get back their vital documents, to avoid legal hassles.

Not only adults, but even kids also use a large part of their time on the internet. In their urge to explore new sites, they get trapped in these. As a parent, you can always go for a firewall that can block pop-up ads, give an extensive scanning option, wi-fi protection, real-time alerts, and a dedicated LAN controlling option. When you combine all these you get a 3-4 tier security level that minimizes the vulnerability level of your system.

Using the internet is our necessity but keeping it safe and secure should be our priority. As personal data can be used by agencies, governments and individuals for threatening you, keeping it safe is of utmost importance. In the coming years, we will see more internet usage as online learning, work from home and OTT platforms are becoming popular. Daily we go to numerous such websites which can cause great harm and hamper our daily activities. Keeping these things in mind, make sure to enable the internet security firewall to get on with your works smoothly. So just switch on your protective wall and surf the net without any worries.

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