What is google ads keyword planner

What is google ads keyword planner

Hello everyone today I am going to write on a different and most important topic related to google.today I am writing an article on google ads keyword planner .I am telling about what is it?

How you can use it ?

With instructions and profit also .
Adverse is the main advertisement of Google. it is the main product and main source of income also in Google. It helps you to search keyword in your search campaign. this tool is free for everyone. By using this free tool you can search new keywords related to your business and you can also see how many times your keyword searched and what is the total cost in targeting them. With the help of a right keyboard your customer can reach to the right place avail from you. If you are affected by the changes of market then make your plan weekly. The forecast of keywords planner is always refreshes. You can also make your search campaign with the help of keywords planner .these campaigns are based on in depth keyword research.

What is Google keyword planner?……

It is a free product which is used for keyword research. By using these keywords you can get top keyboard for your article or YouTube videos. And you can also know what is searching more and more by users on YouTube and the value of topics which are written by you. For using Google keyword planner you should have a AdWord account which you make with you your email id. You can also know the most searched topic in different countries with the help of this tool. You can get top keywords for your article according to your language. There is also many options of Adward account. You can also make and publish your ads in Adward .

How to research keyword in Google keyword planner…..

Go on the site of Edward.
Click on Sight.
Make an account with your email account.
Click on keyword planner by which you will redirect on the external site.
Now you have to search keywords for your post or YouTube videos.
Click on search for new keyboards using a phrase website are category .
write your keyword in your product or your service.
Now select your language. Now you will get ideas .
Now Google will tell you the value of your keywords.
You can see how many times your keywords are searched and how it possible.
Now separate 10 different keywords which you will use in your post and select a main keyboard which is most popular with low camption.
There are two types of keywords first is short keyboard and second is long tail keyword.
You have to use always long till keyboard for your post.
By using long tail keyword the short keyboard are rank itself.
Use your main keyboards in lengthy form. >Use unique caption words in your post.
Use best CPC giving keywords for good earning.

How to use keyboards in post….

Write main keyboard in the starting of your post.
Keep the keywords bold and underline it. >Now use some keyword in the first paragraph of your post but don’t bold are underlined it.
Use your main keywords in your heading. Now start to write your post and used and different keywords which was selected before.
When you had wrote your half post then again use main keyboard in your post.
When your post had completed then use main keyboards in last paragraph in inverted commas and bold letters.

A right way to search a new keyword…

Specialist mode should be used in your account.
Think according to your customer. Be careful.
Join websites for best results.
Highlight famous brands to show your product.
Give full informations.
Use many keyboards and keyboards statements.
Use place name very carefully.

1.Make a keyboard plan with two ways.
By clicking you can also search new keywords and upload your previous keywords by clicking on the number of searching and estimates.

  1. Understand the estimate of your keyboards. You can understand the conversation average and impressions on the basis of your estimates of plans.
  2. change the advertisement groups and locations targeting. Keep the keywords in advertisement groups together to make the plans according to you and make your targets better according to place.
  3. Make campaigns according to your plans. You can make campaigns with the important news advertisement groups keywords are the page campaign of places. Give a name to you campaign .


Get new keywords.
Get the advice for your product service or website related to your keywords.
See the searches of everyone’s.
Make an estimate.
See the average cost of your advertisement on searching your keywords.
Arranged the keywords.
see how your keywords are working in different series joined to your brand.
Make new campaigns.
Use your keywords plans to make new campaigns .

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