What is google cloud computing ??

What is google cloud computing ??

Google cloud platform is presented by Google. It is a suite of cloud computing service which runs same orders that Google uses for its end user products as Google search ,Gmail, file storage and YouTube.

Google Cloud Platform provides a computing environment such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and serverless. IaaS provides raw compute, storage, and network organized in ways that are familiar from the Data Center and only pay for what you allocate such as Compute engine. PaaS provides bind application code that writes to libraries that give access to the platform user application needs and only pay for what you use such as App Engine. Software as a service (SaaS) provides that they consumed directly over the Internet by end-user such as Search, Gmail, Docs, and Drive

It was launched on 7 April 2008. The owner of Google cloud platform is Google itself. With managing equipments it also provide a chain of computing data storage ,Data Analytics and machine learning with modular cloud services. It is a cloud computing or web service. There is written languages in Google Cloud are Java ,C + +, Python etc. the URL of Google cloud platform is cloud.google.com

Cloud Computing

“Cloud computing” is a way of accessing and storing data over the Internet instead of doing hard drives. It has some features:

On-demand and self-service: To compute the resources, all we have to use a simple interface so that as a result you get processing power, storage, and network user needs without any human intervention.

Broad Network Access: Over the Internet, customers can access these resources from anywhere you want.

Resources Pooling: Provider shares resources to the customer as they don’t care about the exact physical location of those resources.

Rapid Elasticity: According to the need of a customer, you get resources more or less.

Measured services: As the customer pays only for what they use or reserve as they go. If they want to stop it, stop paying

It provides high scalable cloud computing service to its user. It is an excellent instructurer as a service solution that integrates with Warriors Linux distro as well as with Windows Server through. It offers a free trial for its user. You can use products as computing engine, cloud storage free of charges

1. Advantages
2. Better pricing
3. Private global network
4. Live migration
5. Improved performance
6. Redundant backups.

Storage and databases…

1.Cloud storage… to store unstructured data.

2.Cloud SQL…. based on database my SQL and postgre SQL as a service.

3.Cloud Bigitable… directed no SQL database service.

4.Cloud spainner…. scalable in the form of parallel and relative database service.

5.Permanent disk…. block storage from compute engine Virtual Machine.

6.Cloud memory store ……in memory data store based on radis.

7.Local SSD……High presentation moment table and local block storage.

8.File store ….High presentations file storage for Google Cloud users.


VPC: Virtual Private Cloud furnishes a private system with IP allotment, steering, and system firewall strategies to make a safe domain for your arrangements.

Cloud Load Balancing: It is a procedure of circulating remaining tasks at hand over different figuring assets. This lessens the expense and boosts the accessibility of the assets. it is also use to manage the traffic managing service.

Content Delivery Network: A topographically disseminated system of intermediary servers and their server farms. The objective here is to give high accessibility and elite by spatially disseminating the administration identifying with end clients.

Why Google Cloud Platform

Valuing: GCP leaves all the opposition path behind with its exceptionally adaptable estimating and is properly a pioneer here.

Adaptability: Scaling down can generally be an issue with cloud administrations. GCP lets you scale here and there without any difficulty.

Custom Machines: With Custom Machine Types you can undoubtedly make a machine type modified to your necessities with markdown suggestions up to half off.

Incorporations: Easily utilize different APIs, practice the Internet of Things and Cloud Artificial Intelligence.

Large Data Analytics: Use Big Query and Big Data Analytics to do plenty of systematic practices.

Serverless: Serverless is another worldview of figuring that abstracts away the multifaceted nature related to overseeing servers for versatile and API back-closes, ETL, information preparing occupations, databases, and the sky is the limit from there.

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